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Chickamauga Vision for Downtown 

This project was developed for the local community by the local power distributor and TVA  -  R. Dean Randalls, Architect 


Images from 2008 show a downtown reborn with new vitality and new purpose.   


Last century (1999), downtown was struggling, having little in common with the nearby  Chickamauga National Battlefield.  But the town had a new awakening at the new millennium, and began to envision a vibrant downtown not only full of color and landscaping, but full of history. 


A new picture of downtown began to emerge.  The vision included new lighting ,  landscaping, traffic islands, crosswalks, pedestrian pods, underground utilities, and renewed building facades, as well as integral links to history and the National Battlefield.  


After the ideas were rendered,  the town’s vision began to garner interest, well beyond the county line, and new opportunities arose that allowed the full vision to be developed.  An engineering company was  employed to develop the vision further, even through construction.  The final plans were an even greater expression of the visions of Chickamauga 2020.   Today, the downtown is not only a prospering eco-friendly business center full of color and life,  but an integral part of the Battlefield experience.  

      R. Dean Randalls, Architect

So on your next trip to Atlanta, take the short drive to Chickamauga and experience history in a whole new way.  See many more images of downtown today.   Visit  

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