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Urban Planning & Architectural Studies via Travel  -   Hungary   France

The following  are photos taken from Budapest and France.  I have many more from France to post, but most of my images of Budapest were lost at a border check in what was then called Yugoslavia.  I only realized the loss when preparing to cross the iron curtain  back into Austria.        a summer of photos were lost……. .forever.   


I was shocked, saddened, and even angered by the discovery,  but certainly not surprised.   In 1987,  soviet communism was failing, and the wonderful people of Hungary, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Poland, and the Baltic's  were longing for freedom and the pursuit of happiness.  Respect for government had all but vanished.   The local currencies were extremely devalued  and rationing of certain foods was  not uncommon.   The US dollar held tremendous comparative value.  The equivalent of a 32 oz beer cost about 25 cents US.  A fine pastry was about  40 cents US.  And the cost of riding  mass transit  was negligible.  But for some,  all the above seemed well out of reach.


While traveling from one eastern block nation to another,  there were very few boarder checks.  Only when I took a wrong train and mistakenly found myself in Yugoslavia was there any check of luggage, and even then the inspection seemed minimal at best.  But the cost of that simple mistake was the loss of wonderful photos of various towns.   


The loss of the photos was heartbreaking.   But the fond memories of wonderful,  kind, and caring peoples of varying backgrounds will never be lost.   And neither will the fond, and  occasionally blurred  memories of very good, very cold, very large, and very cheep beer.           

Memories of France are equally interesting, but for different reasons.  On  the particular tour of France from which the above photos were taken,  I was completely consumed by the plans of the cities,  and  spent little time resting.

Every moment was spent studying the cities, learning the concepts, and admiring the success of  great city planners from centuries ago as well as the boldness of modern visionaries with numerous projects under construction throughout the metropolitan area of Paris. 

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