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      R. Dean Randalls, Architect



Industrial Renderings &  3D CAD Models

south carolina industrial development -

The growth of the local economy depends on far more than a vibrant downtown.  In fact, a vibrant downtown depends on a sustainable economy,  which depends on JOBS.   Industrial recruitment and retention is core to the mission of many economic development organizations.   Retaining and growing new jobs is mission 1.


Many communities have Industrial Development Boards, local chambers , and   municipal, state and federal  economic development organizations that work tirelessly at submitting proposals to attract new employers and to grow existing industry.  Digital visioning has become a normal part of that process.  As expectations grow exponentially, the need for even better graphics is required.


For a decade,  I have been working with private and public organizations in developing visuals for various ED proposals and presentations,  including industrial visioning.  In very preliminary proposals, I may be asked to render a new development over aerial photography, developing a quick conceptual layout.  In most cases, though, the ED teams engage several design professionals,  and I am provided an engineered layout with proposed new roads, retention areas, environmental conservation areas, and more.  Most often, the engineer delivers a 2D  CAD format file from which  I develop a conceptual building plan of a facility and render one or more possible scenarios.   In some cases, particularly on very large proposals, I am asked to develop a 3D CAD model of both the proposed facility and the surrounding area, a “3D model World.”  From that model world , I capture and edit a movie flying through the proposed site for incorporation into various presentations often seen not only locally, but nationally.         

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