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      R. Dean Randalls, Architect



Urban Planning Concepts  -  Vision shapes Reality

Many  plans on this page  were made possible by  local  visioning  teams, city and county officials,  by  local power distributors  and  TVA 

In each of the plans shown, I was charged with developing  concepts for improving the pedestrian experience by

envisioning:    improving accessibility of sidewalks with handicap ramps, curb cuts, and pedestrian pods;  defining better crosswalks;  improving parking and designating  handicap locations;  managing and  slowing  traffic;  installing urban furniture;   improving landscaping and lighting;  identifying  new opportunities for urban parks  with links to greenways and bike paths.


Planning is a long term effort by many team members.   In fact,  most of the ideas that become part of the vision are submitted by the community at visioning sessions or blog casts.   Technical concepts such as  improving traffic flow and managing storm runoff are reviewed or even submitted by various design professionals.  And ideas for linking to the bigger picture are often developed by local planners.  Ideas incorporated into the overall vision are conceptual, and often change with through technical design once funding is achieved.   


With the benefit of time,  vision can be compared to reality.  Many concepts, even the more grandiose ideas,  survive the full process of time, and are actually realized.  More impressive is how quickly some ideas, once rendered, actually become reality. The following are two examples of  ideas that quickly became reality.  


The first is Dresden TN   The new millennium came with great new vision for downtown.  Within months of presenting the virtual renderings, the public aspects of the project were underway. 

Learn more about downtown.  Visit    photos from 2008 provided by

The second project is Chickamauga GA,  north of Atlanta.   The vision included new lighting , landscaping,   traffic islands,   crosswalks,   pedestrian pods,  underground utilities,  renewed building facades  and  new  links to the battlefield.   The city completed the vision in 2007, and continues to make downtown even better.

Learn more about Chattanooga. Visit    photos from 2008 provided by

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