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Princeton Vision for Downtown   

This project was developed for the local community by the local power distributor and TVA  -  R. Dean Randalls, Architect 

      R. Dean Randalls, Architect



By 2007,  Downtown Princeton had a very new appearance.  Many of the original concepts from only a few years earlier had been implemented.   The lighting turned out even better than expected, particularly since no trees blocked the light.  The vision called for the trees to be pruned, but when sidewalk improvements began, it was determined that the root systems had grown so large that the new sidewalks would again be destroyed by the old growth trees.  With great consideration, the city decided to remove the trees completely.    Second, the original concept had allowed for new canopies on certain structures.  Most canopies have now been removed, though.  Additional improvements are still envisioned for the sidewalks in the future.  Landscaped pedestrian pods and crosswalks were originally envisioned as a way to slow traffic and improve pedestrian access, and may be added later.   Finally, what has brought the greatest attention to the downtown renewal program from across the country has been the idea of painting historic brick facades.  The town has developed a process that is now known as “ Lets Paint the Town!”   Though the broad use of painting historic brick facades was not part of the vision,  the program has certainly been very successful at creating a very bright and colorful ambiance in downtown, particularly at night.  Overall, even the vision did not anticipate such a speedy and successful renewal program.   The downtown renewal efforts have not only improved the urban environment, but have changed the entire economic forecast for the city.  Even in a period of major economic correction as began in 2008, the city is poised for an even brighter future.       


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