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      R. Dean Randalls, Architect



Architectural Design  -   Manufacturing,  Office,  Health, and Municipal

Over the span of my entire career,  I have had quite  diverse and dynamic experiences in architecture, construction management, and urban design.     


On numerous projects of varying type, my project role has been to develop visual concepts, ideas that are often the foundation for design development and construction documents.  On some projects, my work scope has been limited to drafting construction documents.   I have had many opportunities to participate solely as a construction administrator as shown elsewhere on this site..   And  I have been involved with various projects from concept through construction  as the architect of record.   


Above  is a collage of images from various projects that include large manufacturing projects for which I was the architect of record,  interior office furniture layouts,  health facility canopy design, numerous health and municipal projects that primarily involved drafting, and other projects that included design development through construction administration.   Most projects shown have been constructed, but a few are still in development.   And, yes, a few were built, occupied for years,  and later replaced with newer, even larger facilities.   Change happens! 

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