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The Town Vision Network of websites, home of, is dedicated to the study of 100's of Downtowns across the United States and Canada, following the progress of downtown renewal efforts and recording historic change as it occurs. Very complete photographic surveys of downtown are conducted over an extended period of time, often beginning at the start of a major renewal effort and concluding several years after efforts have concluded. Historic photos from throughout a towns history are also assembled when available, adding depth and meaning to the current photographic record and providing valuable context for community planning sessions charged with envisioning an even more vibrant and prosperous downtown. Included in the surveys are not only 2D photos, but 3D stereographs, broad panoramas, and videos, and even high-definition images for use in economic development efforts to promote downtown renewal.
The Graphics catagory highlighted above includes not only architectural renderings and 3D urban design models, but also web design, development, and management of several very large websites focusing on preservation and renewal of downtown.
With 100's of towns either Indexed or in the Queue, interesting study opportunities begin to emerge from the growing data base. Just one small example is comparing images of downtowns with with similar names: Nashville, Booneville, Franklin.and more
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With 10's of thousands of photos taken over 25 years, historic change studies become valuable assets of a growing data base of images on file at